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Aylesbury's Waterside Festival             

We were asked by the Aylesbury Town Centre Partnership to programme and stage manage a range of professional and local artists. 
Here are some of the highlights. Further pictures can be found on
Audience .jpeg
Aylesbury Young Opera.jpg
Choir .jpeg
Young Indian Dancer .jpeg
Queen's Park Jazz.jpeg
An Overview.jpeg
SM 1_edited.jpg
Indian Dancers .jpeg

Ubiquitous Theatre Stage Managers 

Ian Robinson

Terry Dean 

Denise Sisson

Event co-ordinator

Nick Andrews

AV - Moonlite Productions


Hartbeats Vitae African Drummers, Vivo D'Arte Theatre School, Next Stage Choir, Aylesbury Opera, Queens Park Jazz, Unbound Theatre, Pulse 626, Mojo, GAGA Juggling, Albury Morris Dancers and Nrithya Sangeetha Indian dancers.

Aylesbury Opera.jpeg
Indian Dancers.jpeg
Morris Band .jpg
juggler .jpg
wide angle.jpeg
Indian Dancer .jpeg
Juggler 2.jpeg
ID2 (2).jpeg
wside 1.jpg
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