Julia Sergeant as

Hedda Gabler

Tom Andrews as Tiny Tim

Lynn Andrews as lady Anne and Jeff Baynham as Richard III

Mike Woods as Judge Brack

The cast of Taming of a Shrew at Cliveden

Bernard Rogers and Lynn Andrews in the Killing Game

Terry Dean and lesley langley in rehearsal for A Christmas Carol

Andy Reston in Hedda Gabler

Benard Spink and Bethany Hill in Henry IV

Nick Heritage in Henry IV

Alan and Cathy Long 

Tim Bird and Rob Stone in Journey's End

Colin Churchill and Andy Chatfield in Journey's End

Charlotte Tory and Richard Cayzer

Denise Patten, lesley langley and

Andy Reston

Mike Woods and Peter Taylor at Cliveden

Peter Gilschrist as C.S. Lewis in Shadowlands

Nick Wyse in Twelve Angry Men

Helen Sendall, Jennie Witts and Lynn Andrews in Memory of Water

Barney Powell and Jennie Witts in The Birthday Party

Nick Andrews as George Tesman

Peter Gilchrist as Marley's Ghost

Ryan Whitney in

Taming of the Shrew

Mike Woods as Mason in Journey's End

The original cast of Journey's End

David Bright in Merchant of Venice

Reg Williams and Bernard Rogers in Twelve Angry men

Richard Jones and Catherine Sharpe in Merchant of Venice

Peter Farey and Julia Sergeant in The Tempest

Nick Andrews, Maeve Gribbon and Tim Bird in the Tempest

Reg Williams as Petruchio

Karen Beer in Memory of Water

Louise Green, Richard Higham and Lynn 

Andrews in Pack of Lies,

Bernard Rogers, Lynn, Karen and Claire Greene in Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell

Rob K as No.3 in Twelve Angry Men

Andy Chatfield, Rob Bowen and Peter Gilchrist in Twelve Angry Men

Jenny Witts and Denise Patten in Five and Dime

Just a small sample of the people and the shows over the years ...

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