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There are performance opportunities coming up in 2018 for actors and we want to give you advance notice of them. We hope you will consider coming up for one of the parts.   18th Feb    12 - 5      25th Feb   3 -5         Aylesbury College


Journey’s End by R.C.Sherrif


November 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th      2018       (Sunday 11th November is Remembrance Sunday in 2018)


Remembrance - 100 years on from the end of the 1914 – 1918 war.

We have negotiated for significant local authority funding to support the project and have been granted the rights to the play. We will mount the play using authentic period costumes within an outstanding set. In addition, on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November our ‘C Company’ will mount flash-mob style immersive theatre events in and around the Town Centre and War memorials in the district. Our activities there will support British Legion Poppy sales. We will also be mounting an art exhibition which focusses on linking young men from Aylesbury to young men of the same age who left for the trenches.

RC Sherriff's account of life in the trenches shortly before a German offensive remains profoundly moving, and simply a fantastic piece of theatre. Journey's End, written in 1928, is based on his own experience and comes straight from the heart. It tells it how Sherriff saw it, and because it comes with no particular agenda – either anti-war or patriotic – it is all the more powerful. The final moments, both pointed and yet understated, are devastating to play and experience in the audience.

Eighteen-year-old 2nd Lieutenant Raleigh is the new arrival in the company commanded by his former schoolboy chum, Captain Stanhope. There's only three years between them, but a lifetime of experience separates the pair. Raleigh's Peter Pan-style enthusiasm for war as a big adventure is contrasted by Stanhope's world-weary bitterness and dependency on the whiskey to get him through the horror. In many ways, the piece is full of characters who have become cliches: the officer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder; the quietly heroic school teacher who is the best of Englishmen but all Sherriff's characters spring to life in beautifully balanced characters.

We are looking for male actors as follows;

Capt Stanhope  p29-32     

Capt  Osborne   p29-31      

Lt  Raleigh          p83-85

Lt  Hibbert      p54 - 56         

Colonel          p65 - 67          

Mason            p21-22          

Capt Hardy   p9 - 11         

Sgnt Major   p50 - 52


Page references     Penguin Modern Classics           


Our ‘C Company’ will be 15 strong to encompass the other activities. C Company will undertake various immersive activities in the rehearsal process – including a cast visit to a Trench experience.

Nick Andrews will direct.

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